Jammies Aigre-Doux Pickled Fruits and Vegetables

February 6, 2013

Jammies is excited to present our new line of aigre-doux products for the discerning palate. Aigre-doux means “bittersweet” and involves marinating fruits or vegetables in unique wine, vinegar, honey and spice mixtures to highlight the delicate flavor notes of each varietal. Unlike preserves, very little sugar is involved, allowing the pure flavors of  the whole  fruit to blend with the aigre-doux mixture over several weeks. As a bonus, the honeyed liquid can be used as a vinaigrette or reduced to a syrup and poured over cheese. DELISH!

Try our Aigre-Doux Clementine’s Lament, made with Gewurtztraminer

or Raisin’ Hell, our spicy Golden Delicious raisin mixture for a real treat!

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