Tequila Sunrise Jam

May 8, 2010

It’s hot outside and nothing cools you off like a luscious Tequila Sunrise jam poured over ice cream. This jam features ripe Albion strawberries infused with Tahitian vanilla beans before adding candied Hibiscus flowers soaked in Navel orange juice and Tequila. Ay Caramba!

Ingredients: Organic Albion Strawberries, Cane Sugar, Organic Tahitian Vanilla Beans, Organic Navel Orange Juice, Organic Persian Lime Juice, Candied Hibiscus Flowers, Orange Cranberries

Price: $10/8 ounces

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Snap Out of It! Marmalade

March 21, 2010

If you’re looking for a low sugar marmalade that slaps you in the face each morning, try our thick cut Snap Out of It! Marmalade. Thick, chewy pieces of navel orange peel are balanced with tiny cuts of Seville, Bergamot, Meyer Lemon and Blood Orange peels, then tempered with spices and Tahitian Vanilla. This marmalade will give you plenty to think about each morning.

Ingredients: Organic Navel Oranges, Organic Persian Limes, Organic Seville Peel, Organic Bergamot Peel, Organic Meyer Lemon Peel, Organic Blood Orange Peel, Organic Spices, Organic Tahitian Vanilla Bean, Cane Sugar

Price: $10/8 ounces

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Toasted Pound Cake with Mascarpone and Jam

November 9, 2009

This recipe is a quick way to turn a simple pound cake into a delicacy.
First…toast some pound cake in butter ( here I used a store bought lemon 7up cake)
toast pound cake
then plate and add a spoonful of mascarpone cheese
mascarpone on pound cake

and finish with a spoonful of jam ( in this instance I used
Dawnjam for its vibrant peach and orange flavor.)

Dawn jam

Delicious…fast…and worthy of company, or even just as a special treat for yourself!

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Lady Marmalade

November 9, 2009

Lady Marmalade is our signature jam made from sweet navel oranges hit with the snap of Tahitian limes, then soothed with Tahitian vanilla and a dash of almond flavoring, before finishing with a lovely Kentucky Bourbon . It will melt like butter in your mouth!
We take sweet oranges and lime, then steep them overnight with vanilla beans and a splash of almond, then reduce it down to a concentrate of sheer pleasure.

Ingredients: Organic Navel Oranges, Organic Tahitian Limes, Cane Sugar, Organic Tahitian Vanilla Beans, Organic Almond Extract, Kentucky Bourbon

Price: $10/8 ounces

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