Noel Tea Jelly

March 4, 2011

This delicate tea jelly starts with Mariage Frere’s Noel Tea blend, then combines gently with a delicate Granny Smith Apple jelly to make this unique product one you’ll savor by the spoonful.

Ingredients: Organic Granny Smith Apples, Organic Cane Sugar, Mariage Freres Noel Tea, Organic Meyer Lemon Juice

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The Nutritionist Reviews Jammies Organic Artisanal Jams

February 7, 2011

“I’m obsessed with your products!” wrote Amanda Hernandez after tasting a few of our jams. “All of these products are must tries!” she wrote in her review at The Nutritionist Reviews, and we couldn’t agree more!

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Peach Syrup

June 22, 2010

Early Sweet Peaches are steeped in sugar to create this delicious syrup you’ll be saving for your favorite Sunday Waffle feast.

Ingredients: Organic Early Sweet Peach Juice, Cane Sugar, Organic Lemon Juice

Price: $5/6 oz

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Blueberry Vanilla Syrup

June 22, 2010

Organic Wild Blueberries are simmered to produce this luscious vanilla infused fruit syrup. You’ll love it!

Ingredients: Organic Wild Blueberries, Cane Sugar, Organic Lemon Juice, Organic Tahitian Vanilla Beans

Price: $5/ 6 ounces

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